MME Social Studies

Cost: $50

What you'll get: MME Social Studies (one year subscription)

  • 28 MME Social Studies Singles (MME originals in diverse styles, each with Lyrical Footnotes containing content information aligned with the Social Studies curriculum)
  • 8 DLPs (creative song and music video project kits)
  • MME~Social Studies (daily Facebook posts with text, historical photographs and music)


US History PeriodizationChief Seattle's Web of LifeChristopher ColumbusBenjamin Franklin's Proverbs IndependenceJeffereson Sojourner Truth The Bill of Rights Electoral College A House DividedHonest AbeGettysburg AddressAmerican Labor Chinese Railroad Workers Immigrants Margaret Sanger Causes of the Great Depression The New DealDubois' Vision Ask Not MLKUnsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement Cesar ChavezJimmy Carter Roman Empire: Decline & Fall Nelson Mandela's InauguralBaghdad FallingHinduism


Jefferson Honest Abe Model-T Farmers in the Great DepressionNew DealJapanese American Internment During World War IIJFKMLK

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