MME Artists

Gary Levitt


A lover of sound, Gary Levitt is a Producer/Engineer who also has his own band called Setting Sun. Operating out of his lab, Young Love Studio he has contributed in various ways to many of these recordings.

Gary Levitt standing in flood plain with cello



spiritchild, Rhythmic Poet of Mental Notes. Leader of The Hip Hop Jam Band Mental Notes (the universal hip hop evolution). Founder and Chair of Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective. Creative Consultant for Eyes Infinite Films. Photo by Eyeburgos

spiritchild working with children in a classoom with a laptop and microphone

Abby Hollander


Abby Hollander is a singer, bass and guitar player, and award-winning songwriter who was raised in a family of bluegrass musicians in Woodstock, NY. After several years performing original music in Austin, Texas, Abby returned to New York and settled in Brooklyn. There she focuses on songwriting and formed the Abby Hollander Band to play bass and perform her original material in a traditional bluegrass setting.

Abby Hollander

Erica Quitzow


Erica Quitzow plays violin, cello, guitar, and synthesizers and records at Young Love Studio in Brooklyn, and in Florida.

"Though most of Quitzow's recorded work – a whimsical, homemade blend of classical, electronic and pop – maintains a skeletal synth feel, her approach to songwriting heavily reflects the collage aesthetic favored by the late-career Beatles." – New York Press

Erica Quitzow looking up with balloon streamers

Robert Bard


Bassist Robert Bard began his career in the late 1970s playing music on the streets and in the clubs of New York City. He graduated from Columbia College in 1981 and studied music at Mannes School of Music shortly thereafter. He worked for 15 years as a composer and music director for CBS-TV and was nominated for 8 Emmy Awards during the 1980s and early 1990s.

He relocated to New Paltz, NY, 14 years ago and is currently performing with the Bernstein Bard Trio, The Blue Rays, Big Joe Fitz and various other ensembles. He has also produced and recorded countless artists at Skytop Sound, his production and recording company.

Robert Bard standing beside his bass

Candice Myers


Candice was nominated for Best Actress at the 2007 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival. Her notable projects include Circuit Breakers, which was one of the winners of the 2007 Sam French One–Act Festival, and an Equity showcase titled Knowing Bliss, in which she starred opposite Emmy–winning and Broadway actress Blanche Baker.


Close up photo of Candice Myers in green shirt



Fink is a three person new ROCK N ROLL band from upstate NY. We are a band because we love music and care deeply about the art form.

Slightly warped blue tinted photo of Fink playing instruments

Jessica Koock


Jessica Koock is a poet, storyteller and dream worker. She is also a Waldorf Early Childhood educator.

Jessica Koock

Casey Erdmann


Originally from Long Island, Casey has been surrounded by music her whole life. With parents as musicians and music teachers for siblings, she was bound to carry on the tune. She has formally played in the band "A Modest Five" and most recently had the honor to open up for the Irish band "Patrick Street". She is currently working on a solo album with Robert Bard, and is looking forward to playing out locally in New Paltz and Woodstock throughout the year. She is also entering her last year in college and will soon have a BA in Psychology.

Casey Erdmann smiling in a field

David Rhee


David Rhee has played music for the last twenty–plus years, with a variety of prolific and eccentric songwriting personalities, and has recorded and performed abroad and in the US. David's credits have included drums, vocals, [wax paper and comb], and thinking.

David Rhee playing the drums

Stephanie Rooker


Stephanie Rooker is working on making people listen, on calling us to take a moment to recognize what we have, and what we have to give, and this is what her debut recording project, Tellin You Right Now, is all about. Drawing from her broad range of musical influences: from singer-songwriter folk of her native Appalachia to her immersion in traditional folk music of Ghana to her distinctive grasp of the cultural evolution of American gospel––blues––jazz––soul––hip-hop, Rooker's sound is fresh and cultivated. She harnesses this musical diversity, seamlessly blending colors and textures to make each song a unique combination of groove, heart, and light. Rooker resides in Brooklyn, NY and performs with her band regularly throughout New York.

To learn more about Stephanie Rooker, please visit or her MySpace page.

Stephanie Rooker perfomring onstage



Charleen Jené Johnson


Char Johnson writes and performs hip hop internationally.

Charleen Johnson sitting on sofa

Los Doggies


Los Doggies plays songs and music in many different keys. We'd like to use all 24,576 available keys before we die. If for one day, all the creatures on Earth compiled their selfish songs into one pantonal supersong, the 24,576 keys could be used. Los has written such a supersong.

Los Doggies as children with peanut butter sandwhich

Steve Heineman


Steve Heineman is a songwriter, performer and Board Certified Music Therapist.

Steve Heineman smiling wearing a blue bandana on head

Adam Havlicek


An acoustic singer/songwriter in the vein of Elvis Costello or Ryan Adams, Adam currently resides in the Los Angeles area playing original music and working with multiple projects. Samples of his work are available at &

Adam Havlicek smiling on lawn

Jose Granda


Jose studied Jazz at SUNY New Paltz. He is a song writer and jazz guitarist.

Jose Granda smiling wearing knit hat

Celia Tobin


Celia is a singer and a career photojournalist.

Celia Tobin smiling while standing in front of microphone



Not your typical rock band, Wydown began in St. Louis, Mo. with vocalists/songwriters Ethan Balis, Nate Dewart and an arsenal of original material. What started with a bass, a keyboard and for their first gig, a classical string trio, has evolved into a devoted group with a tenacious approach towards focused and inspired songwriting. With the addition of Karl Eggers on guitar and Aaron Story on drums, this prog-indie-rock quartet has not only expanded its musical influences, but has refined the live delivery of its intense, intelligent songs.

Wydown looking to the left